About me

I've been working in digital for nearly two decades. During that time I've strived to stay current, acquired a diverse skillset & executed an unfathomable number of interesting projects.

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Frontend Development

My build stack includes the very latest and greatest tools including gulp, npm, bower, sass, susy, javascript,  jquery, atom, sublime, terminal & git.

Backend Development

I was a c# .net developer for two years. I've used PHP extensively, both natively and via various frameworks such as CodeIgnitor and Cake.

Content Management Systems

I am proficient in Wordpress, ExpressionEngineUmbraco integrations and deployment, & have used countless others over the years.


I use a variety of E-commerce platforms including Lemonstand & WooCommerce & maintain a number of B2C websites.


I've worked with many and varied APIs including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pintrest & EventBrite to name but a few.

Servers & IT

I manage, deploy & maintain projects on both Windows and Linux platforms, providing web hosting & support.

Latest Work

Here's a small selection of the most interesting web builds I've worked on recently.